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Friday, February 22, 2013

Abdullah Hakim Quick: Islam not Know Racial Differences

For him, Islam is very fascinating, especially that Islam does not recognize racial differences.

Abdullah Hakim Quick was born from a very devout Christian family worship and hardworking.

Thus, since the little guy was born in Boston, United States (U.S.), is studying the virtues given family.

Since he was young also believe in God's presence, while many young men his age refuse to believe that there is a power greater than the universe.

"I pray all the time and accept the Christian concept of God is taught well," he said.

However, it did not escape the young soul desire tremendous to know more deeply the meaning of servitude of the Lord. Over time, Quick, who was just 17 years old he began to question God's worship.

A number of religious rituals organized by the time it started no sense to him. "A lot of people receive only what to do as followers of a religion. They consider the question can not be answered by religion as a mystery. So, no need to look for the answer, "he said.

Quick is not a person who likes to rule out the curiosity in him. Eagerness to know more about the religion and the concept of God that truly makes him dealing with a pile of books, documentaries, and hundreds of information from magazines or newspapers she read.

"Fortunately, when I lived near a number of major U.S. universities, such as MIT or Cambridge, so I have great access to knowledge. Therefore, the libraries in universities is open to the public, "said the man who once served as director of the Discover Islam Centre in Cape Town, South Africa, and a special adviser at the Ministry of Islamic Relations in Bahrain.

He was eventually not limited to studying religion, but other religions look beyond Christianity. He also tried to get to know the world outside of America. He began his quest to study the origin of his ancestors from Africa.

"When it did I know about the kingdom of Mali. A great empire in Africa that recognize Islam as the main religion, "he said.

Quick then actually curious about Islam. Why the great kingdom chose Islam as the foundation of their spirituality.

When Abdullah Hakim Quick to know about the Mali Empire, an empire in Africa with Islam as the main religion, he was curious about Islam.

Why the great kingdom chose Islam as the foundation of their spirituality. Quick then learn about the Middle East, where Islam was born.

Previously, he was already known about the Middle East, where the people there have a different way of describing God. However, Quick did not know the rest.

Since then, he began to recognize Islam further. Apparently, religion is very intriguing. "Especially that Islam does not recognize racial differences. That Islam does not discriminate against a person on the status, skin color, and all the social values ​​inherent in them, "he said.

Such a thing is not found in the U.S.. Being an African-American and living in the 1960's as a curse at that. In fact, when studying the course of blacks in University of Oregon and Pennsylvania, he did not find a clear answer why humans may have the right to provide a label for other humans.

He felt sick. Especially when it was the U.S. invasion of Vietnam initiate and encourage as many young people to join the war.

Moved to Toronto
That's when he decided to move to Toronto, Canada, and left college. Quick away from the country which he saw very inhumane. Toronto does have a lot of Muslim immigrants.

From them Quick to learn more about Islam. "I also went to the library and start reading. The more I read, the more I realized that teaching is what I was looking for, "he said.

A religion which knows only one God. God is responsible for the presence of the prophets, such as Moses, Jesus, or Muhammad. He also read the hadith and impressed with the way the Prophet Muhammad lived his life. That is, a full life in the Islamic guidance, discipline, and virtue to attain peace.

Apply Islamic Lifestyle
For Quick Islam not only as a religion, but more than that Islam is a way of life.

"After becoming a Muslim, I have a good diet. Acting in accordance with the example of the Prophet and lead my family by way of Islam. Islam teaches all the details in life, AZ. This is what I want, "he said.

However, at the beginning of a Muslim, he was not confident and somewhat discouraged. Quick only became Muslim two days before the fasting of Ramadan. Thus, he worked fast.

"However, I was surprised when I came to the mosque at night and I have to perform Tarawih as many as 20 cycles. First, I am a baseball player, but it felt too tired to pray with as much cycles, it makes my knee cramp, "she said.

It was then, Quick bit discouraged. The question arose in him, if he really could be a good Muslim? Meanwhile, the worship to be performed as Muslims do not seem to light.

However, a Muslim friend told me that it is sunna prayers. A Muslim may choose to do or not do these prayers. "At that time I feel that Islam is not at all burdensome his people," said Quick.

Islam provides many options in conducting worship and make exceptions for those who are thinking about physical limitations. Lucky, Quick finally completed a month-long fasting and praying Taraweeh every night during Ramadan first.

After berislam and conducting worship Ramadan, Quick increasingly understand that Islam gives the wisdom of every worship performed.

"Not just the physical worship. Islam teaches more than that. At that time I was very lucky to find Islam, "he said.

He also had the opportunity to get to know Islam further. In 1973, Quick and his wife, a Muslim from Jamaica moved to Medina. Quick study at a university on government scholarship Saudi Arabia.

"At that time, the Government of Saudi Arabia gave two scholarships to two Muslim Canadians and I was chosen to be one of them. I also became the first American to ever completing his education at the university in Saudi Arabia, "he said.

There, too, he met with a Muslim cleric, Sheikh Abdul Aziz, who is very concerned with the development of Islam. "He asked me how Islam is known in America and he was then finance my research on Islam in the Americas," he said.

Quick went back to America and start wandering to research. He then went to Honduras, Costa Rica, Panama, Bermuda, Jamaica, and the Bahamas to learn about Islam in the territories.

Then, he lived briefly in California before returning to Toronto and finish college history to earn his doctorate. He then worked at the Ontario Science Centre and the Royal Ontario Museum. Quick is also a regular columnist in the religion column in leading newspapers in Canada, the Toronto Star.

Research does make a lot of the Muslim community in the world was impressed. He also increasingly being invited to present their research results.

From the research, he knew that Islam had spread to all parts of the world. He knows, humans basically have known monotheistic concept of God as taught by Islam.


Sarah Joseph preaching Through Lifestyle Magazine

Sarah Joseph take another way to interpret Islam to the Western world.

Women from London, England is launching a Muslim lifestyle magazine aimed primarily at young people, and one of the targets was a non-Muslim readers. The magazine, initially financed from his own savings.

Now, Emel Magazine and has become a popular audience by side with other famous magazines in bookstores. Emel, the name of the magazine. Derived from two letters M and L as an abbreviation of Muslim Life.

Rubric-rubriknya showing concern fasyen Islamic lifestyle, interior design, finance, entrepreneurship, health, food, trips to the story.

Then there are also sections on gardening and ficer inventions of Muslim scientists in the past. Everything is packaged popular by showing a side of Islam that had been forgotten in the midst of Islamophobia and terrorism.

Through Emel, Sarah seeks to present true Islam, to highlight the contributions they have made, especially in establishing Western public opinion.

With a touch of design and layout is attractive, Islamic messages are displayed in each article can be understood broadly without religious dogma or political seasoning.

"So, I guess, British Muslims and the West generally, have to find the answers to what happened today. Should be a bridge between the two worlds. Those of us who were born and raised in British society, have a responsibility to explain Islam to the West,'' said Sarah who married Mahmud al-Rashid, a British man of Bangladeshis

He said that Islam has the capacity to deliver the best. Condition, she said, the West must begin to see Islam as a part of the solution and not part of the problem that should be shunned.

Regarding the media business she lived, she said, many people who think they have issued a large enough capital to start this business.

'' A BBC correspondent thinks we have the capital to 5 million pounds. I laughed. We started with an initial capital of 20 thousand pounds, "said the mother of Hasan, Sumayah, and Amirah it.

Through the magazine, women who had received an invitation, Toni Blair served as Prime Minister of England, she wanted to show something else. Islam is not just a political or prayers. But Islam also set lifestyle.

First many do not know how the concept of the life of a Muslim. But now slowly beginning to clear after the magazine was launched. Emel managed to seize the market that has not been used other media and undermine the bad image some people who hate Islam. Oplahnya now more than 20 thousand copies and has three thousand customers.

As the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) as well as Editor Emel, Sarah actively assist in the development of Islam by concocting ideas of the present and the past, and invite readers to contribute their Muslim. Magazine based in Whitechapel, east London, it has six staff and a few volunteers.

Yeanny Suryadi, Understanding Islam from Behind the Fence

Muslim teachings to cover nakedness made him realize how Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala is very fair.

From behind the fence is high, Yeanny Suryadi know Islam. At that time, small Yeanny living in Muslim villages in central London. He and his family lived in a big house that takes "distance" to the surrounding community.

From behind the fence, Yeanny born as Chinese and Buddhists can see that the Muslim community to adapt to very warm. They love each other and respect each other.

"From behind the fence, I saw many children are free to play and the adults bersilaturahim. Warm, "said the woman who now lives in Semarang with her husband and two daughters were.

The more mature, Yeanny increasingly want to know Islam. Doctrine for Muslim women to cover the aurat make Yeanny aware of how they worship God is very fair, does not distinguish his people from their social status or physical perfection.

"They cover their entire body to just look on their faces. It did not look his property, does not look poor, does not look too perfect and flawed, "he said.

Athan also often drugged consciousness. For women born 2 September 1980, the call to prayer for Muslims is able to calm her, especially when Maghrib. When I moved to Jakarta, Yeanny more active studying Islam. "I bought a lot of books about God's justice," she said.

She began to learn and be praying as a Muslim. "Still one-one when praying. I just guided the books I have, "he said.

Slowly Yeanny pledged himself as a Muslim. Until finally, the woman who likes to write short stories and poetry have decided to read the creed in 2005.

He was very peaceful after embracing Islam. His life becomes more focused because there is a definite purpose, the life of this world and the hereafter. He was feeling more calm and serene. Therefore, Islam led the world in life.

For Yeanny, Islam set his people from all facets of life. Nothing confusing.

Praying for the first time was memorable for Yeanny. Initially, he was often concerned about whether the movement and prayer readings are correct or not. "At that time I still use Indonesian in prayer," she said.

Other memorable things, when he fasting for the first time. "Fun, fast hold that emotion, it feels bad," he said. Although the first time she did, she could fasting month then.

However, changing the habits of life as a Muslim is not an easy matter. "It is not like a chameleon. Forms of life that are made as a child so it does not easily replaced. The journey to true Muslim is still far away. I continue to learn, "he said.

Luckily, the husband helped to further study Islam. Although no educational background in philosophy or Islam, but he has a strong Islamic foundation.

Converts to his wife, he gave good examples. The husband also were taught to read the Quran. "He does not patronize."

Yeanny Admittedly, not everyone supports immediate decision became Muslim. The mother, for example, strongly opposed his Islam. He is the youngest child and his mother are expected to take care of the cemetery. He became the hope of the mother. Therefore, the two kokonya (brother) also converted to Islam, although they far apart.

Criticism also came from the mother's family Yeanny. He opposed and ridiculed by his mother's family. "They say that many Muslims are evil terrorists, or become tangled," he said.

But, trying to be patient in Yeanny through all these trials. "Thank God, I'll get through it. This is thanks to the power of prayer, patience, and sincerely surrender. "

Teach the value of Islam in Children
As a mother, Yeanny trying to encourage and guide their children in order to get to know Islam very well.

Since childhood, both girls had been introduced to Islamic values. Kaylsa, his daughter who is now seven years old too, put Islamic school in order to get education in an Islamic environment.

"I've also been getting her hijab since childhood. The only school he is covered, "he said.

According to him, it is not hard to make her daughter understand the importance of hijab for a Muslim woman. "Thank God, because it was sent to school in kindergarten Islam, so the foundation is pretty good Moslem. So easy to make him understand, "he said.

Yeanny also teaches the importance of fasting and prayer. He also invites his children to collect Islamic books. Yeanny is devoting all his time and energy for growth and development of the child.

According to him, he wanted to emulate his mother really pour love and affection in raising their children. Although she and her late mother's different religions, but Yeanny always pray for her mother. She believes Islam glorifies a mother and son pious prayer to help her mother in the afterlife.

In addition to teaching Islamic values ​​to their children, Yeanny also continue to devote the same value in every short story and poetry writing.

For him, writing is a job with great responsibility. In his works that have been published in several print media, Yeanny shows that Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala Rich and holder destiny.

Through his work, Yeanny also hopes to inspire Muslims to raise the faith. "Muslims have to be consistent. If it is a pledge to be a Muslim then bersunguh-behold. Deepen their knowledge well and live it with sincerity, "he said.


Morales: Islam Religion of Peace Teach

Morales was living as an illegal immigrant in the United States. He left their fate to the U.S. from Mexico to earn a better livelihood. Unfortunately, she was not welcome in the land of Uncle Sam.

Although he eventually succeeded in making their U.S. citizenship, Morales difficulty communicating. He has no friends.

"I find it very difficult," she was quoted as saying, Saturday (18/1).

There was a desire from Morales to return to the country of his birth. But that does not guarantee its future. The reason, he tried to be more independent and work hard.

The fight was also fruitful. He was able to finish college.

His introduction to Islam began when Morales to witness the tragedy of 9/11 that shook the world. He had heard many things about Islam and Muslims through television coverage. However, he heard more negative information.

Out of curiosity, he tried to do simple research. "Islam is a religion that teaches peace. I think, what happened does not make sense, "she recalls.

He began to read the Quran. He is also a lot of discussion with a Muslim friend.

Finally, Morales ventured to visit a mosque. Belief in Islam made him decide to convert in 2003.

"Thank God, I am now actively preaching in North Hudson Islamic Educational Center," he said.
Since officially becoming a Muslim, Morales active preaching. Besides preaching at the North Hudson Islamic Educational Center, he also worked at the institute Islamic Center of North America (ICNA).

Since ICNA run the project 'Why Islam', an institution established to consult or questions about Islam and Muslims, may be said to be so hard-working. Because overwhelmed, these agencies need to employ the help.

Morales was appointed as the coordinator of mission among Hispanics. He admitted that he was so excited to preach through the project 'Why Islam'.

Miraculously, the project was making a routine visit Mexico. in his native country, a mission critical Morales.

He felt it was time charge of conveying the message of Islam to the community. In Mexico, it brings literature on Islam to be introduced to the indigenous people.

"I think a lot of Hispanic women who have become Muslims returned to the country of his birth, and then introduce the beauty of Islam to his brothers," he said as quoted, Saturday (18/1).

Unfortunately, each time returning home, his extended family could not accept his decision to embrace Islam. However, slowly but surely, Morales finally decided to talk about his new identity.

"I think, Islam is still very alien in Mexico. But some of them are very keen to embrace Islam, "I'm Morales.

Looking ahead, the task Morales would be increasingly challenging. Negative stereotyping, the development of an anti-Islamic and negative media reports the United States, is still a formidable task U.S. Muslims to be resolved.

Of course, the U.S. will be waiting for his contribution Muslims and Muslim-Muslim the other Hispanic.


The death of Mary Fiance Takes on Islam

"I am dating a man from Pakistan, it was the first time so I know Islam. She is my fiancée, "said Maria began her story known as Islam.

But not for him, she embraced Islam. He was really interested in religion rahmatan this lil alamin. The proof, she had determined to embrace Islam after his fiancee died. "When he visited me in Arizona, he was killed in the crash," said Mary with a look full of sorrow.

Before getting to know the man in her life, she was an atheist. He really did not believe in the existence of God. Religion is a strange thing, faith is very far from his heart. Like Mary, his parents were sensible atheists. With such understanding, they raised Mary.

"I grew up with what my parents taught, so I really do not believe in God. I really do not believe in any religion then, "said Maria in" They Chose Islam "The Algerian TV via youtube.

Mary's parents are from South Africa that later migrated to Boulder, Colorado USA. As Maria was born and raised in Colorado. Often talked about religion, family Mary always looked negative. No wonder if Maria grew up with the anti-religious stance.

"Before, I really see religion is not a good thing. I think religion is something that causes a lot of problems, such as the wars in the world and everything, "he said.

Maria negative views on religion changed was after he knew a man from Pakistan. The man was her fiance and she is Muslim. "I dated a guy that Pakistan and so the first time I got to know Islam. He was a good-hearted. Perhaps because he was a Muslim, he is a really good heart, "the story of Mary remembers.

Benevolent nature of man was the first time Mary mesmerizing. At the first meeting, she had no idea the man she loved was a religious one. "When I met my fiance, we never talk about religion".

"I do not see it as a Muslim or a religious. I guess just take it as a noble nan kind. He was one of the very nice people I've ever known. He has a good character and be nice to everyone, "recalls Mary.

His fiancee was then opened the door for Mary to learn Islam. He is an anti-religion religion should feel curious about their partner. Maria often discussing Islam with a partner.

Facts about Islam were later collected Maria not only from her fiance, but also from other Muslims he knew. He even bought Al-Quran English translation and then read it regularly. "I am more open to learning about Islam and do not think that it is negative," said Maria.

At first, she thought the nature of either partner is already a temperament. But after studying Islam, he began to know that his fiancee well as applying the teachings of Islam. Maria kept thinking to realize that Islam is the one who made him the soul that has quality properties in an extraordinarily good.

However, Maria has not decided to embrace Islam despite having studied it. Many things need to be considered. Stability of the heart to aru berislam felt Maria after a shocking event and menyadihkan. His fiancee died in an accident.

Maria told, when he was middle school in Arizona. Fiancée intend to visit to Arizona. Driving from Boulder to Arizona, good-natured man had an accident to kill him. Departure of his fiancée apparently made her know the meaning of life.

"That was my first experience of death and that's what really inspired me to look more closely about Islam because I think there's something more important to him than just a death like this with a reason or even for no reason, there is something like a greater power that dictates, "he said.

Two months after the death of her fiancé, Maria more diligent reading Islamic books. Until one day, he opened the Qur'an that answers all the doubts and answer all the wisdom behind the events that happened to him. Everything made sense to Mary. Everything about him and sad events that happened to him believed as truth. Since then, finally she decided to bersyahadat.

Decision berislam then presented Mary to her friends the Muslims. They also suggested that Maria met a cleric in Denver. "I also spoke with the sheikh in Denver. He made sure that what I do is really what I want. He wanted to make sure I do it not because someone, not because my fiance. We discussed this and I said that to myself, "said Maria.

Maria was then bersyahadat before the sheikh with two friends as witnesses. After embracing Islam, she had friends, especially a growing number of Muslims. He was grateful to be able to know his fiancee. Because through the guidance that he came to Mary.

"I think if I had not met my fiance, I could not have learned about Islam as I do. I could not have made the decision to embrace Islam as I do. I think his death will bring me to the firm decision to berislam, "he said gratefully.

Moreover, Islam made her feel born again as a cleaner. He was born again as a different figure. All the bad things he had done seemed to be deleted after rahmatan lil alamin embrace this.

Regarding his fiancée, Maria would really miss him. Often she thinks about marriage, but she was worried not to find the right person, who has brought her fiance as guidance. He did not want to date. But Maria hopes to gain Muslim couples.

After becoming Muslim, she would have to face his family were atheists. Initially, they did not consider kelutusan Mary as a serious matter. Until when Ramadan comes, they just saw the seriousness Maria berislam. They were amazed by their daughter's determination to fasting, although very heavy.

"I never really talked much about Islam my parents because I knew they were not really interested in religion. I think, the first time they realized that I was serious when Ramadan berislam ago. I fast during the month. It was my first Ramadan and it was really very difficult. But I did it and they realize, 'woah, he's serious. " They just realized that I'm very serious, "the story of Mary.

Seeing her sincerity, both parents Maria was finally accepted his decision berislam. The attitude of both was later changed. Islamic Maria makes them no longer worried about her daughter. They convinced her daughter changed after berislam. Maria is considered more reliable and will not do stupid things while left alone in the house. Mary behaved after converting to Islam.

In addition to parents, other challenges faced when deciding to Maria he was kept. Although he was not the only woman who wears a headscarf in the U.S., but she felt very strange and isolated. "When I first wore the hijab, it's very difficult. Everyone looked at me. There are other girls here who mengenaka hijab, but I felt I was the only American girl who wears a headscarf, "he admits.

However, it is thought better tudaklah close the genitals. He then should feel proud as can be covered as a minority. He now felt the veil was part of him that will not likely be released. Maria feel better about herself after wearing hijab.